We are a Counseling Center that believes in the hope and healing that comes from above.

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Life for most people has its ups and downs.  One can be happy and content for a season and then one day he or she gets sucker-punched by a traumatic event.  The death of a loved one or a loss of a forever job.  One might be depressed or may be newly divorced without direction.  Life can seem difficult and lonely.  A wedding is a beautiful thing but moments, after the vows are complete one will start seeing his or her partners in a different light.  He or she is not so perfect anymore.    He wakes up grumpy and she is not such a great cook as previously anticipated.  Someone puts the toilet paper on backward or the other is so disorganized.  God did not promise good times without pain but he did promise He would be with us no matter what.  God loves you and wants you to receive healing and experience a content-filled life.  It can be hard to reach out and ask for help but it can be the greatest thing you ever do.  We are here to support you and guide you through all life issues and circumstances.  You are not alone!  We are broken people with a God who wants to heal our brokenness.  We are a Christian-centered counseling center that believes in the hope and healing that comes from above.

GCFCC is a faith-based counselor located a short distance from Madison County NC, 75 mins from Buncombe County in Western, NC. Greeneville Center for Christian Counseling serves clients from the Tri-Cities area, Rogersville, Morristown Tn. The center is located in the Old Rader Church on Warrenburg road is just a short drive the Greene County.

 Biblical Solutions for Today’s Problems



Will Christian Counseling Really Help? The Greeneville Center for Christian Counseling provides clients with an opportunity to develop a relationship with caring, compassionate and professionally trained counselor. The Christian Counselor will help you identify your God given Temperament thus helping you move towards healing and wholeness.






Individual Therapy

Individual counseling is a one on one counseling with a trained professional. At Greeneville Center for Christian Counseling the process is not just about
exploring the issues, feelings, hurts and pains but it also includes a God centered approach to the healing process based on biblical principals.

Group Counseling

Group counseling is a small group of people (generally six to ten) that meet face-to-face with a trained counselor. The topic or group function is designed to bring
God healing through a shared hurt, pain or anxiety about a particular issue with which all of them is struggling.

Family Counseling

With family counseling, you and other member/s of your family (spouses, partners, children, parents, and or siblings) meet together with a professional counselor to improve relationships. In most family counseling there is the escape goat or problem child who is acting out and everyone assumes we fix the child we fix the family problems. It is not always easy. Sometimes the child acting out is just the symptom of a bigger family problem. In couples counseling there is one who drags the other to counseling while the other has no idea there is a problem.

Premarital Counseling

It has always been surprising to find couples who will spend thousands of dollars to get married but would not even consider spending $50 on premarital counseling. Marriage is tough. However, with the proper biblical principles and a caring Christian counselor, the institution of marriage becomes the rich blessing that God intended it to be.